We help co-owners administrate efficiently, operate with stability, and stay healthy financially.

Our services


Efficiency and clarity is the key.

We take the time to learn the dynamics of your co-ownership, and keep your registers updated and your annual meetings proactive.


We have the network you need.

From handling complaints to maintaining contracts, we make sure that your best interest is our focus.


Understand your numbers.

Helping administrators maintain their budget, collect and deposit condo fees, and pay suppliers and contractors.

Secure Online Portal

Have access to all of your building’s documents in pdf

View budget and invoices

Log of requests and complaints.

Agenda of important dates

Administrator private access

iOS, Android and Windows compatible

and much more…

Get more with our architect services!

Building summary report

Summary report

Technical advice

Presentation on building problems

These specialized services are offered by Georges Fallah, Senior Architect


Choose the package that matches the number of units your syndicate manages.
Then choose the number of plans that suits you.

  • 1 PLAN
  • $25/ /month/unit
  • 2 PLANS
  • $35/ /month/unit
  • 3 PLANS
  • $40/ /month/unit
  • $5/ /month/unit
  • 1 PLAN
  • $20/ /month/unit
  • 2 PLANS
  • $30/ /month/unit
  • 3 PLANS
  • $35/ /month/unit
  • $5/ /month/unit
  • 1 PLAN
  • $15/ /month/unit
  • 2 PLANS
  • $25/ /month/unit
  • 3 PLANS
  • $30/ /month/unit
  • $5/ /month/unit


  • Administrative
  • $100/ Monthly
    • Administrative meetings
    • Annual General Meeting
    • Maintain the co-owners database
    • Manage the declaration of co-ownership
    • Recruit and pay staff hired by the syndicate
    • Insurance Register
    • Communication Services
  • Operational
  • $15/ /mois
    • Provide a 24/7 emergency service
    • Deal with complaints and requests from co-owners
    • Manage maintenance contracts for common areas
    • Manage contracts and their application to subcontractors
    • Registry of keys and chips
    • Regular inspection of the common areas
    • Annual Fire Alarm Inspection
  • financial
  • $15/ /mois
    • Prepare and maintain the annual budget
    • Collect and deposit condo fees
    • Check bills and pay suppliers or contractors
    • Bookkeeping
    • Union Tax Return
    • Transmission of necessary information to the notary at the sale of a private unit

Included in all our plans :

Secure online portal

Bilingual customer service

Experienced professional network

Building condition summary

“GestionCondo VIP assists us in the application of all our decisions by relieving us of a significant part of our workload. Their knowledge helps us in decision-making and their portal is very efficient and easy to use.”

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